Recycling - WEEE policy

Recycling cameras, camcorders, batteries and electronic products - What you need to know!

On 1st July 2007, new government regulations called the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations came into force to hopefully encourage people to arrange collection or recycling of old electrical products, rather than just throwing them away in your normal household waste.

Recycling batteries
Batteries contain heavy metals and other dangerous chemicals, so they should not be thrown away in your normal household waste collection as this will cause pollution to our environment. So to help you with this challenge you can bring your waste portable batteries (this service specifically excludes industrial and automotive batteries) to Comley Cameras shop and we will ensure they are recycled for you. Simply put them in our collection box in store and we will ensure that they are recycled in a responsible manner. 
Recycling old cameras and camcorders
If there is no 'Trade-In' value for your old camera or camcorder then we will ensure that they are recycled in a responsible manner. 

Recycling cameras and camcorders etc helps to save natural resources and also reduces the environmental and health risks associated with sending old electrical goods to landfill.

Here at Comley Cameras we offer an 'in store bring back' service, which means if you buy a camera or camcorder from our shop you, the customer, have 28 days in which to return your old camera or camcorder to us, and we will recycle it for you free of charge.

If however, the item was purchased from our on-line store you, the customer is responsible for any postage costs incurred, in returning goods to us.

Wherever practical, old electrical waste should not be disposed of with your normal household waste. You can locate your closest participating collection site at simply enter your postcode in the search box to locate recycling centres near you).
Electrical goods can be recycled if they carry a crossed-out wheelie bin sign and all new electrical products now carry this sign. Items with the crossed-out bin, must not be put in household rubbish.

The products that are sent to us for recycling are either sent back to the manufacturer, sent to the local recycling plant or sent for spare parts to camera repair centres.